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Arranging Sugar Flowers From Classic to Contemporary with James Rosselle

Bring out the breathtaking best in your sugar flowers! Learn seven inspired arrangement techniques that will make any client’s interest blossom.

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Mastering Modern Sugar Flowers with Nicholas Lodge

Keep your sugar flowers in-demand and up-to-date. Cater to the event with basic, client-worthy and competition-level variations on three sought-after species.

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Contemporary English Over-Piping with Ceri DD Griffiths

Master the art of over-piping! Join Ceri DD Griffiths for classic cushion work, sweeping scrolls and many more exquisite techniques.

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Handcrafted Sugar Flowers with Jacqueline Butler

Awe your friends and family by creating delicate filler flowers and beautiful hydrangeas with Jacqueline Butler’s skilled instruction and easy, effective techniques.

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Fantastic Filler Flowers with Jacqueline Butler

Give your sugar flower arrangements the professional polish they deserve with delicate gumpaste filler flowers! Petalsweet’s Jacqueline Butler shows you how.

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Romantic Garden Roses with Nicholas Lodge

Make trend-setting sugar roses, buds and leaves with Nicholas Lodge. Then, transform your blooms into alluring arrangements your clients will love!

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Better Buttercream with Erica O’Brien

Make, color, and flavor your best buttercream yet. Plus, learn to ice cakes with super-smooth sides and razor-sharp edges.

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Intro to Modeling Chocolate: Cityscape Cakes with Lauren Kitchens

Lauren Kitchens teaches you to concoct, color, texture and transform modeling chocolate, taking it to new heights and bringing it into your kitchen.

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The Ultimate Cake-Baking Toolbox with James Rosselle

Create everyone’s favorite cakes with the confidence of a pastry chef! Learn to make classic cakes, fillings and frostings to suit any design and any party.

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