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In my efforts to catch up on my workload I’ve been through all of my class templates cross checking them with the ones I’ve already shared and in this blog you will find the remaining free templates, these templates are designed by me and if I didn’t want to share them then I wouldn’t have put them on here for you to use, please remember when you print them to check the sizes as printers vary and sizes could be misleading.

As they are free the only thing I ask is that you let people know where you originally got them because the more we share information the further our craft will develop.

Enjoy them all

Brush Embroidery Rose

Cottage runout

Crowning Glory Royal Icing Topper

Filigree Christmas Tree Template

Fondation Royal Icing Christmas Cake

Introduction to Royal Icing (Lace Heart)

Lambeth Shell Hoops

Lovely Lines Cake Class Template A

Lovely Lines Cake Class Templates B&C

Noel Inscription for Christmas plaque

Off piece design for 3 inch high cake

Off piece design for 4 inch high cake

Off piece design for buttress pieces

Off piece top edge design

Papillion Cake Handout 1

Papillion Cake Handout 2

Peony Brush Embroidery

Royal Icing Top Edge Hanger Off-pieces

Scolloped Top Linework (8” Round Cake)

Sugar Embroidery

Tiara template

Top Linework 9 Division Template for 8 inch round cake

Top Linework Template for 8 inch round cake


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