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I have been asked many times, by many people, in many countries to share a recipe for royal icing that uses real egg whites, not everyone has access to the dried albumen powders or pre-mixes that are so readily available to myself. This is a recipe from my college days, over 35 years ago, I have adjusted it a little using ingredients that should be available to all wherever you live.

Ceri’s Royal icing recipe (real egg whites)


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    Hi Ceri,
    Your instruction on your video is wonderful for me. It’s so beautiful! I have never seen it before. I was wondering the recipe of the royal icing that you used to pipe roses and lines on the cake. Would you please give me the recipe of each kind? I appreciate you advance.

    • Ceri Griffiths

      Hello Trang, if you go to the blog page of my website and then select step by steps there is a free download recipe and step by step guide to making royal icing with real eggs, if you go to my YouTube channel there is a YouTube where I make royal icing using MeriWhites.

      I hope that helps

    • Ceri Griffiths

      Hi there, they are the same royal icing it’s just the one for roses is firmer than the one for piped lines.

      Regards Ceri


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