In my day to day life as a cake artist I always come across information that I use and like to store in one place, ribbon lengths, conversion charts etc, below you will find the ones I have found most useful.

if you wish to download a free template or handout which I may have referred to in one of my classes then you will find them on my blog page categorised under templates and handouts.

Thank you and have fun



Templates for Cake Projects (Free downloads)

In my efforts to catch up on my workload I’ve been through all of my class templates cross checking them with the ones I’ve already shared and in this blog you will find the remaining free templates, these templates are designed by me and if I didn’t want to share them then I wouldn’t have… Read more »

Dividing the circle (free download)

If I have one secret to the success of my cakes, its my attention to detail, yes I’m a little OCD and if I don’t get something right I’ve been known to strip a cake completely and start again. Therefore I measure everything. If I’m designing a new template for top line work, working out where… Read more »

Basic scroll names (free Download)

As I teach piped borders around the world the students like to know the names of the borders taught so that they are more easily referred to. I created this handout so that it could be used as both a reference and as a teaching aid. I recommend the students place this handout under a… Read more »

Heart off pieces (free download)

A couple of years ago I did a demonstration at Cake International at the NEC in Birmingham creating royal icing heart off-pieces, they were so popular I’m asked for the template to this very day so its about time I put it here for everyone to download. Enjoy Heart Off Pieces

Brush embroidery double flower pattern (free download)

Brush embroidery is a fabulous technique and there are thousands of images that can be used for it but this is one that I use when I teach brush embroidery in my classes, normally for two-tone flowers. Brush embroidery double flower pattern

Alphabet handout (free download)

For those of you who like creating run-out (flooded) letters for monograms, cookies or plaques then I have modified an alphabet that was created by Mary Ford, I find this alphabet perfect when I want to create a larger featured letter for an inscription. Alphabet Handout one page

Birdhouse Template (free download)

This is the template I made for my pastillage birdhouse, a very fun project to make and can be finished in so many different ways. As all printers and computers work in different ways, I recommend, when you have downloaded this template print it onto thin card, cut it out and assemble the birdhouse just… Read more »

Feathered friends songbird (free download)

If you have ever done one of my introduction to royal icing classes then you may well have done this songbird as your first use of royal icing run-out, I’ve found these little fellows very handy for everything from cake toppers, to airbrushing projects for accent pieces to be added to decorated cookies. Feathered Friends… Read more »

Butterfly Wing piped v2 (free download)

Piped filigree butterflies are always a popular delicate touch and royal icing is one of the perfect mediums for creating them, but remember the finer the line the more susceptible they are to moisture. Butterfly Wing piped v2

Runout Butterfly Template (free download)

This is the butterfly runout template used in my one day class based on a design for an 8″ round cake, its free and once you have downloaded it I advise scaling it to the size required. Have fun Ceri Butterfly Wing Outline v1  

Lambeth bridge pieces (free download)

I have used these C shapes in many different ways as I’m sure you’re aware if you have seen my cake designs, I first took the inspiration for these bridge pieces from the Lambeth book, then later I was further inspired by another cake decorator Kathleen Lange who also takes her inspiration from the works… Read more »