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The Creative Cake System by Ceri Griffiths and Katy Sue Designs

Achieve the look of a royal iced cake with sugar paste or fondant using our innovative moulds.

The Creative Cake System is a ground breaking set of new silicon moulds, developed with cake artist and international teacher Ceri Griffiths and award winning mould designers Kay Sue Designs.

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Rebekah Wilbur

Managing Editor
American Cake Decorating Magazine

“As a wedding cake designer who specializes in fondant applications, but with limited piping skills, these moulds were an utter god-send. The system has opened up a whole new world of decorating possibilities; I have always had to turn away clients looking for that “high-end” royal-icing look because, frankly, my piping was always a little too wobbly. I have been able to achieve incredible realism, consistency and detail with this system. The individual pieces are wonderfully versatile; allowing you to create a range of striking designs.”

 Thousands have used the system to create masterpieces

 Thousands have used the system to create masterpieces

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“There are things I can do with these moulds that I can’t with my piping bag”

I am passionate about Royal Icing and although I will always continue to pass on the classic skills of piping to students, I am particularly excited about reaching decorators who don’t have the confidence to try piping in the first place and will now be able to achieve that elegant look. There is a world of creativity out there and there are things I can do with these moulds that I can’t with my piping bag and equally I have had a lot of fun mixing up the moulds with a little over piping too.

Ceri Griffiths

Co-creator of The Creative Cake System

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