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edna-de-la-cruz-1.jpegI’ve known Edna for some years now and we both love to dance and laugh, not bad things to have in common I feel. When we last met up I asked Edna if she minded answering a few questions….she laughed and said “hey why not”, typical Edna and I love her for it.

Six Simple Questions

Q. What is your favourite colour or colour scheme?
A. I can’t say I have a favorite scheme of color but I can say that I still love a white on white cake. If you made me choose a color, I would say probably a mint green.

Q. What is your favourite holiday of the year, Christmas, Halloween, Easter etc?
A. I love Christmas but the past few years I kind of started enjoying Halloween. I guess because it makes me feel like fall is here and the weather starts changing.

Q. Who would you like to sit down and chat to, dead or alive, real of fictitious?
A. I think that chatting to dead people might be creepy, lol. But then I might have to talk to my imaginary friend before giving you a final answer.. lol. Joking aside..I probably like to talk with the first person who ever created a cake. God knows who that was and how it happened but it would be interesting. I’m sure that there are many stories on how the cake recipe was born. But who was the true first creator should be interesting.

Q. What is your favourite cake flavour and filling combination?
A. Key lime cake with keylime mousse might top the list for me. But I love cake, any flavor usually makes me happy!

Q. Which is your favourite season of the year?
A. I love fall!

Q. If you could make a cake for a well known public figure who would it be?
A. Well…maybe a cute handsome

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