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DawnI’ve known Dawn and her gorgeous family for some years now and have enjoyed the love and hospitality of their home on several occasions whilst being hosted for classes. Dawns drive and determination has earned her respect and a large following in the world of Royal icing. Dawn has won several major accolades including the Grand National Wedding Cake division of the OSSAS and recognition in the Cake Masters awards 2015. When I asked my six simple questions Dawn was more than happy to answer…and here they are:

Q. What is your favorite colour or colour scheme?

A. Blue and silver or purple and silver

Q. What is your favorite holiday of the year, Christmas, Halloween, Easter etc?

A.  Easy, Christmas. The colors, love, family…
Q. Who would you like to sit down and chat to, dead or alive, real of fictitious?

A.  My grandfathers. I never got to meet either of them. Would love more family history.
Q. What is your favorite cake flavour and filling combination?

A. Oooh, tough one. Lemon cake and cream cheese frosting right now
Q. Which is your favorite season of the year?

A.  Tie between fall for the colors and winter for the feeling of home
Q. If you could make a cake for a well known public figure who would it be?

A. Adam Levine!

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