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Ceri Griffiths has worked in collaboration with Squires Kitchen since 2008. As a tutor for Squires Kitchen International School he teaches regularly both in the UK and internationally, representing the school as its Ambassador for Royal Icing.

Ceri is also a popular author and contributor to Squires Kitchen’s publishing division, B. Dutton Publishing Ltd. He has had over 22 magazine articles published on the art of cake decoration and sugarcraft for Cakes & Sugarcraft and Wedding Cakes – A Design Source, with more being commissioned on a regular basis. Some of Ceri’s most popular projects are available to view free of charge at

www.cakesandsugarcraft.com. More articles are added regularly with links to each one given below.

Ceri is also the proud author of Squires Kitchen’s Guide to Making Iced Flowers and Squires Kitchen Guide to Making More Iced Flowers and is a contributing author to the award-winning title, The Art of Sugarcraft, all from B. Dutton Publishing.

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Articles written by Ceri

Recommended Reading

The Art of Sugarcraft

Whether you’re a keen cake maker, a budding baker or a sugarcraft hobbyist, this is the ultimate book of techniques from 20 top tutors. Winner of the Best UK Food Book for Professionals in the 2014 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. I’m proud to be part of this book and highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in cake and sugar artistry.

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The Art of Royal Icing

Eddie Spence MBE is considered the master when it comes to royal icing and I’m not going to disagree with that. This comprehensive, step-by-step guide gives you tutorials, techniques and cake projects so you can use royal icing to decorate everything from an imposing wedding cake to a modest mini cake.

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Squires Kitchen Guide to Making Iced Flowers

From delicate daisies to pretty poppies, learn step-by-step how to ice 13 decorative flowers in royal icing for celebration cakes, decorated cookies, cupcakes, macaroons and even desserts. Obviously it’s my own book and I’m very proud of it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

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Squires Kitchen Guide to Making More Iced Flowers

From pretty petunias to a magnificent magnolia, award-winning baker and popular tutor Ceri DD Griffiths shares his secrets for creating 13 favourite flowers in royal icing using both piping and stencilling techniques.

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