Ceri Griffiths

 Baker & Confectioner, International Judge, Demonstrator, Teacher, Show Host, TV Personality and Award Winning Author.

Ceri Griffiths
Katy Sue Designs

In 2016 Ceri Griffiths started working in association with Katy Sue Designs on a collection of exciting and innovative new moulds for use with cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

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Classes, Demonstrations, Cake Shows and Events, TV Shows and Facebook Live

Sharing knowledge and skills about bakery, confectionery, cake decorating and design is Ceri’s passion, if you have a question or wish to attend a class here is where you’ll find him.

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Ceri’s Video Diaries

I am very lucky that my career takes me around the world to some of the biggest Cake Decorating, Baking and Crafting events on the planet and I like to share my experiences in my video diary reports.

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Ceri Griffiths

As a widely traveled teacher, demonstrator, international judge, show host, TV presenter, award winning author and award winning product designer, Ceri believes that sharing knowledge and skills is the only way in which cake artistry will grow.

Ceri’s journey so far has taken him from baker and confectioner to professional dancer, cake artist and much more, Ceri’s own eclectic style of design and flare is made up from the elements of his life…….and what an interesting life.

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Ceri’s Blog

If you would like a peak inside the cake crazy world according to Ceri then give the button a click.

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Basic skills videos, Steps by steps, Resources and more, available for all levels by visiting the tutorials page.

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Ceri’s Creations

Ceri’s colourful and varied creations can be seen by visiting his Pinterest boards.

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Crafting with Ceri

This feature will be coming soon in 2019 where Ceri will share with you his other love which is crafting, his personal hints,  tips and projects.

Cake Doctor

Ceri is a proud member of the team of experts at Cake Doctor, both a Facebook Group and an Online Resource.

The experts give their time and advice freely to the cakey community, hint, tips, demonstrations and questions answered….we’re here to help.

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Coffee with Ceri

Due to popular demands Ceri will be creating more Coffee with Ceri chats in 2019, these are just Ceri’s personal take on life and his attempt to raise awareness about issues both cake and craft.